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Welcome to Driman Digital Photography - one of the most exceptional food, portrait and landscape photographers in South Africa. From people and places to still life photography, lifestyle photography, and food photography, one click through to the galleries here will tell you more than any words can convey. If you're looking for a commercial photographer who can lift your product to the level of art, then you're in the right place.

Founded by Shawn Driman, this talented landscape photographer has a unique way of seeing the world around us - taking in light, shadow, colours and textures - with an end result that becomes so real it almost steps into illusion. Food photography rises from the page, with textures so real you can feel them under your fingertips, and actually see the flavours before you.

Talk to Shawn Driman about food photography for advertising or marketing purposes and you can be assured your food will be captured in stunning detail and colour - irresistible to the viewer! Food photography of this standard follows its own balance of ingredients, blending them all to produce a perfect result. Food photography that makes your product look as good as it tastes. This exceptional commercial photography literally sells itself - you don't need a product description, and whatever the subject, you get incredible results every time.

Away from the intimate and controlled commercial photography, we move to incredible landscape photography - from grand vistas to moments of unnerving beauty that have to be seen to be believed. With Driman Digital you don't simply get a landscape photographer, you realise that the blinkers have been lifted and you can finally see the staggering depth and detail that's right in front of you. Click through to our 'scapes' page and you'll find both manmade and natural scenes, taken by a landscape photographer that can transform the mundane into the magical.

Please - browse the galleries here on the site, and then visit the 'Contact' page to get in touch - I'd love to talk to you about any aspects of food photography, portrait photography, landscape photography, or commercial photography.

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